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With the complete Ultimate Defense package, your business will benefit from the following  Email Defense Service features:


Advanced Spam Blocking − Eliminates 90% of spam costs by blocking over 99% of spam using the Stacked Classification Framework® spam detection system, which utilizes a patented method of identifying and controlling spam. This multilayered framework separately assesses and "votes" on the probability that an email is spam. Because each filtering technology has unique strengths designed to identify specific threats, the combination creates one of the most accurate and comprehensive filtering processes in the industry. Our spam defense includes the Premium Anti-Spam Multi-Language Filter, which protects against real-time spam attacks and zero-hour spam, regardless of language, while offering additional security against image-based spam and fraudulent phishing emails.


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Triple Virus and Worm Scanning − Provides your organization with proprietary WormTraq® detection technology, which identifies and intercepts zerohour mass mailing worms before they enter or leave a corporate network, and two industry-leading signature-based anti-virus engines.


Email Attack Protection − Conceals your network and critical messaging gateways from attack. Instantly blocks denial of service and other SMTP-based attacks, including dictionary harvest attacks, email bombs and channel flooding.


Fraud Protection − Keeps your employees safe from the risks of fraud and phishing scams.

Content and Attachment Filtering − Reduces corporate liability and risk through intelligent message processing that identifies, quarantines and blocks unwanted, malicious and sensitive content and attachments.


Outbound Message Filtering − Proactively protects your clients from harmful viruses and worms, and enforces your corporate email policy by filtering out specific content and attachments in messages leaving your corporate network.


Fail Safe Disaster Recovery Service − Incorporates complete back-up protection for your email server in case of an unforeseeable outage or malfunction, or during planned maintenance.


Sophisticated end-user and administrator quarantine management − Safe, external quarantine and email-based quarantine reporting process significantly reduces email administration and false positives (legitimate email identified as spam).