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Our core offering of managed services


Get your computer serviced by CPU, authorized by many of today's leading software and hardware manufacturers.

At CPU VentureTech we're pleased to offer you our professional services in a cost-effective bundle that includes our core managed services with additional benefits!


4 hours of on-site service time per month: Our engineers will be scheduled to service your location every month for a total of 4 hours. This time may be used for any phase of computer related service, including preventative maintenance, computer repair, network troubleshooting, software support, or anything else.


Priority help desk support: Get direct access to level 2 support services using a dedicated telephone number. You'll speak directly to one of our certified technicians.

•  Check IT: This system scans your e-mail ensuring no unwanted junk mail or virus infected files enter your computer system.


•  Guardian IT: We constantly monitor network performance, security and reliability.


•  Restore IT: Automatically backs up your critical data. The backup is encrypted and located offsite at our secure, mirrored data silos.

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