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Restore IT—offers off-site, tapeless solution for business continuity services and data backup! We reduce costs and liability associated with traditional, tape backup and give you peace of mind knowing that in the event of a disaster you can still conduct business with minimal downtime. This backup/disaster recovery solution can recover Lost files/data, Servers and your business operating environment.


Internal CPU parts

Here is how it works…


Securing the Data - The data is backed up and kept for the amount of time you specified. If you lose data, it is a few clicks to restore it. This data is encrypted and compressed and sent via internet to the primary data center and to the 2nd facility. Applications and system state can be backed up too! Ask How!


Securing your Servers - You can purchase a local storage and recovery server (opt). This Server has virtualization software and the backup software. If a server crashes, we can quickly bring back your failed server on this unit using the bare metal restore procedure.

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